Kate Fismer BA, BSc, MRS.

Kate is a Naturopathic Physician MRN, specialising in stress and physiology. She is also a qualified Mindful Self-Compassion teacher, an ILM certified coach and qualified group HeartMathTM facilitator. She has over 10 years’ experience in the health and wellbeing field and is a regular guest speaker and published author, with several papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

For over 6yrs Kate has worked as a lead consultant for a high-level research and educational institution developing, delivering and evaluating evidence-based, data led resilience assessments and programmes for business leaders, senior teams, organisations and private individuals. Prior to this, Kate designed and managed programmes for a well-known charitable organisation whose mission is to explore compassionate and sustainable solutions for health and wellbeing. Her flagship project has won recognition and praise from senior royalty.

Kate regularly features as an expert speaker and facilitator at a globally recognised, award- winning wellness retreat and acts as a special advisor in the development of a leading, well- validated resilience psychometric tool that provides detailed measurement of resilience for individuals and teams looking at behaviours, beliefs and environmental factors.

Kate’s resilience programmes help individuals and businesses spot the warning signs of exhaustion and burnout (both at work and at home) supported by interactive learning opportunities that provide insights and teach techniques to enhance energy and resilience through better recovery. According to science, better recovery will not only support resilience but creativity and effectiveness.

Kate consults in London and Hampshire and has worked with private clients on a 1:1 basis for the last 8yrs, as well as with businesses and organisations of all sizes directly. Kate clients include business leaders, senior teams and multi-national organisations as well as start-ups. Her mission is to use evidence-based data and science to enhance resilience, performance and most importantly humanness. This informs Revolution Resilience’s unique approach – utilising cutting edge technology to measure physiological and biological markers of resilience to provide personalised and actionable insights for individuals and teams. All data is fully confidential to individuals and group data is non-identifiable.

Revolution resilience also helps businesses attract and retain the right talent therefore reducing attrition. Revolution’s assessments, workshops and coaching help to create healthy and thriving work environments where resilience becomes about more than the individual.

Kate also works with a large NHS Trust teaching staff from junior doctors to senior clinicians Mindful Self Compassion and Resilience.