Human Resilience Programmes

Revolution Resilience helps individuals and businesses spot the warning signs of exhaustion and burnout (both at work and at home) supported by interactive learning opportunities that provide insights and teach techniques to enhance energy and resilience through better recovery. According to science, better recovery will not only support resilience but greater creativity, performance, flexibility, meaning and purpose.

Our mission is to support organisations enhance resilience, performance and humanness backed by evidence-based data and science. We help leaders and their teams by developing a practical and data informed understanding of their resilience, to enable them to implement with maximum benefit the insights, actions and skills that are right for them.

resilience coaching image

“Having Revolution’s Resilience Insight Assessment proved to me in an evidence-based way the things that were most important for my resilience, wellbeing and stress management and showed how they were holding me in balance through the in-depth feedback process.”

James White, Chief Operating Officer, AON Global